Our Principles 

We are a movement dedicated to ending gun violence in all communities and amplifying the voices of young people through civic engagement.
Gun violence looks different in every community, and we are determined to meet it head on, whether it be daily gun violence, suicides, police brutality, or school shootings.

We are a diverse group cognizant of our respective privileges and the respective roles we play in this movement.
We all have different experiences with gun violence and the racial and socioeconomic issues that cause it, and we recognize that we must constantly educate ourselves about our roles as oppressors or the oppressed in the systems that perpetuate these injustices.

We are a youth-led movement committed to inter-generational knowledge sharing.  
As young people take the helm, and the responsibility to fix the issues that were left for us, we are also dedicated to working with and learning from those with more experiences. We encourage other generations to not walk in front of us, or behind us, but alongside us.

We are people from all over, joined by a single goal.
We come from all over the planet, with so many different experiences and perspectives, but are all interconnected by the need to save lives.

We stand in solidarity because every issue is a young person’s issue.
We work with other movements and organizations to make sure that every voice is heard, and every issue gets a voice.

We recognize the time commitment that each individual posses, and the strength that it brings.
Whether you can only come to our monthly meetings, or you get more involved, we will take what you can give.

We are Generation Hope.
With all that we do, and the impact that we make, one thing rings true: hope. Hope for a better and safer tomorrow.